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Efficient support for the management of media information.



A quality set of information on media content for successful planning and an integrated insight into previous media appearances. 


Comprehensive monitoring of content in media environment beyond division between classical and social media. Enables a detailed insight into media developments in real time according to your chosen topics.



The basis for the preparation of communication strategies and monitoring of communication performance.


MAP tools

Comprehensive platform for supporting processes of planning, monitoring and analysis. Modern information technologies enable a high level of conceptual and technological flexibility.


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For everyone, but for each separately


Wherever you are, Kliping is with you. We monitor you in the most advanced communication ways as well!


Services for all types of organizations: public/private, large/small, sports/cultural … Our services are specially chosen and adapted for each subscriber.


We are the largest provider in the countries of Southeastern Europe. With our partner agencies we reach around the world.


Distinction between new and old media is a thing of the past. Only all media exist. Monitor them with us.


Information does not have work hours. You can find them with us at any moment. With us, they are available for you 24/7.

Kliping News

The most visited website is 24ur.com

The MOSS (Online audience measurement) research conducted under the auspices of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber has shown that the most visited Slovenian website in January this year was 24ur.com. The website siol.net ranked second, najdi.si ranked third. The third to the tenth place by the number of visits are as follows: rtvslo.si, bolha.com, zurnal24.si, vizita.si, zadovoljna.si, avto.net and itis.si.

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Kliping will blog

In the beginning of November Kliping held a presentation on 16th Slovenian PR Conference (SKOJ) about newest trends for effective media information management. Before the conference the organizers asked us to wright a post for SKOJ’s blog. Writing that post was a great experience which also got us thinking – why not start a blog of our own?

So here it is - our: KLIPINGMAP BLOG. We will try to light the path in the world of media content management, unveil the misteries of media analysis and research, of course, we will write something about us, and invite guest bloggers - experts in the field of public relations, marketing, spontorstev, media, communication in general - to contribute their thought. Read you!

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Kino Šiška celebrates third year of operations, Kliping was there all along

Center of Urban Cultures Kino Šiška celebrated its third birthday a few weeks ago. At Kliping we can proudly say that we have been its supporter all along.

With Kino Šiška's team we presented a digital thank you to all the supporters of this special cultural space here in Ljubljana. You are invited to take a moment and have a look in their Klip-Book: Three years of urban culture.

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